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Core/Trainee Tutor Application Form

Lead Tutor Application Form*

*this form is only for leads, but if you would like to lead and core at different festivals, you only need to fill in this form


Although we try our best to get as many people involved as possible, we may not be able to offer tutor places to everyone who applies. This is especially the case this year as we will only be at two festivals, and we expect to receive more applications than the number of tutors we can have. Please don’t let this put you off applying, because there are many things we take into account, but do bear in mind that just because you apply doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a tutor ticket, even if you have tutored with us before. It is always a very difficult decision, but we need to try to get the right balance between experienced tutors and new generations of tutors, mixes of instruments/dance styles etc and more, and we sadly can’t always take everyone we want to! 🙁 If we can’t offer you a place this year, please do apply again next year though, we still love you!

To find out more about what’s on this summer, look here: Provisional Tutor Festival Info 2018
If you are interested in tutoring for us next summer, send us an email at: info@shootingroots.org and we will add you to our tutors’ mailing list or answer any questions you have.


About our Tutor Scheme

Shooting Roots is all about learning through doing, so over the years our tutor scheme has developed so we can pass on workshop leading skills in the most fun way: by running workshops. To do this, we have four kinds of tutor: demis, trainees, cores and leads. With the safety net of other more experienced tutors in charge, our newer recruits can hone their skills, and many people who have started out with us have gone on to work professionally as workshop leaders and teachers.

Read on for more detail on each role…

Lead Tutors:

Lead tutors have the most responsibility, and are the keepers of “The Grand Plan” for a workshop series. Their main task at a festival is to keep things ticking along and facilitate teaching by the cores, trainees and demis. They are also the figurehead of the workshop for participants, the go-to person for questions and queries. Lead tutors are freelancers, who are booked by Shooting Roots and get a festival ticket and a small fee in return.

Core Tutors:

Core tutors are the backbone of a Shooting Roots workshop. They contribute repertoire and ideas to the Grand Plan, with responsibility for a small group piece or performance. They also have the opportunity to run warm ups or lead an arrangement for the whole group in discussion with the lead tutor. Core tutors are volunteers, and get a festival ticket plus a contribution towards travel expenses in return.

Trainee Tutors:

Being a Trainee tutor is an opportunity to learn and build up your tutoring experience, and your role is mainly to assist the core and leads. You will likely get to teach a skill, game or part of a performance piece, as well as being there for any participants who might need a bit of extra help. To get the most out of being a Trainee, attending the Tutors Weekend is strongly recommended to get a head start on tutoring skills and meet the Shooting Roots summer team. Trainee tutors are volunteers, and get a festival ticket plus a contribution towards travel expenses in return. To be a Trainee tutor you must be over 18. As a general rule, you will be a Trainee tutor for the first year of tutoring with us, before moving on to become a Core.

Demi Tutors:

If you’re 16 or 17 and want to get involved as a tutor, then being a Demi is a great way to find out if tutoring is for you.  You may get the opportunity to teach a small group, contribute to the workshop repertoire, or attend tutor briefings to see what sort of planning goes into a workshop. If you would like to get involved then email us or come along to a Shooting Roots workshop and let a tutor know that you’re interested in being a Demi tutor. You must already have a ticket for the festival or workshop.